Have Faux Lashes will Travel!

I am one of those moms…you know the ones who have too many irons in the fire, too many obligations and too little time. I want to be that totally put together mom, but alas it’s not in my genes or jeans. I love my kids, but because of them I have to be 3 different places at the same time. My hubby and I live and die by our calendar app on our phones. When we aren’t synced – God help us all. So there are dishes in the sink, laundry to be folded, beds to be made and I am trucking a talented goal keeper to practice, his sister to volleyball practice and keeping up my commitments to two different committees. Oh yeah and I have a full time job outside the home. Yeah I am that Mom. I may not have showered today but that’s okay. Right Tell me it’s okay. Idle hands are the devil’s playground and I am far from idle. I am driving the wheels off my grocery-getter.


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