Week 15 – Really…almost everynight…

TFB_IMG_1459956483421his week we have something almost every night.   I have been being so good with eating really good for me food.   And I have been making progress.  I am not going to have to wear SPANX on my birthday.   Here is a little inspiration for the week.



Monday – The soccer team is having a team dinner.  I also have a high school committee meeting.  I volunteered to help with clean up.   Jim and Hannah will be enjoying some Campbells soup, Gav will be carbo loading for the game on Tuesday and I will probably eat a salad in home.

Tuesday – Let me tell you about the soccer team.   They are on fire.  They are on a 3 game winning streak.  We are tied for first in the Region with ICS.   We beat ICS and Wendover last week in really tough close games.   There were tussles, a red card and some hearts broken.   Also we had a shut out against Mt. Vernon  as we mercy ruled them early in the second half.  Gavin has two shutouts this season.  He’s pretty stoked.  So this week we have two games and the first is Tuesday, it’s in SLC so we’ll be late getting home.   We’ll pop into Zupas or Costa Vida and have dinner.  Hopefully after Tuesday we’ll be in first all by ourselves.

Wednesday – a rare evening when we are all home.   I am going to make a taco salad for dinner.   Ground turkey, lots of chopped romaine and chopped veggies.  Greek yogurt in place of sour cream and a little cheese.   Taco salad is a favorite at our house.

Thursday – The Boosters are tailgating the soccer game.  We’ll be grilling burgers and dogs and feeding the kids.   The boys are playing Telos.  We beat them last time pretty bad but this is soccer.   Every game is different.  Go Jayhawks!!

Friday – Hannah has soccer practice and it’s a quiet night at home.   I am going to make this Spinach, Tomato and Feta Frittata.

Saturday  – Hannah has a game, I have a haircut and Saturdays are kinda a crazy.  I am going to throw this Salsa Verde Chicken   in the crockpot and I will serve it over chopped romaine.  The fam can put it on corn tortillas.

Sunday – I hope your Sunday is blessed.   I am going to Roast some Salmon and Asparagus and I am going to try this recipe, because the infused oil sounds delish.     Lemon Garlic Salmon

As usual, you can always find more ideas for your dinner at Org Junkies Menu Plan Monday Round UP.




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