How was your Spring Break?

I hope you all had a blessed Easter Sunday.  I took the week off from the blog so I could focus on the meaning and beauty of Easter.   We had a lovely dinner with my Momma, the kids hid eggs for each other and we got to visit so it was so nice.   The kids were out of school for spring break and I am sorry we didn’t get to get away, but the weather was just dreadful.   They are now pretty stir crazy and ready to go back to school.

The nice thing is I am all caught up on laundry as we didn’t have the change your clothes 3 times a day parade that is life with Uniforms.   Wake up.  Put on your uniform.  Come home, change to practice/play clothes. Go to bed put on pajamas.   My laundry room has never been cleaner and the new washer and dryer are AHHH-mazing.    I absolutely love them.

The kids also wanted to start the day with new looks.   So both kids got haircuts for the spring.   Hannah took the plunge and cut off her long beautiful strawberry blonde locks to a darling bob.   She looks so mature now.   Gav is sporting a soccer buddy approved hair cut.  His soccer buddies have been pressing him to edge up his look a bit.


We taught the kids how to play poker too.  It’s never too soon to teach your kids a marketable skill.   Hannah never folds and Gav always tries to bluff her.   What’s funny is they both bet out their posterior region and are both very very lucky.
Jim and I not so much.  Lucky in Love I guess.

Lastly I was honored to take Senior pictures for a lovely young lady from my church.   She is the model of a young Christian woman.   I was so happy she let me take them.  I am starting to work on those, now.


So I have lots to do.   I will get started on the meal plan post and work on editing those pics so they can go in her announcements.

You all enjoy what’s left of the weekend and we will too.

God Bless and Happy Easter.



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