..and what’s for dinner week 14.

Hey….sorry I missed you all last week.   Time with my family kind of took precedence over this adventure.    I try really hard not to be to much of a slacker but sometimes a girl needs to spend time with her man and her mom.

A moment of complete honesty brought to you buy my little blue Havana dress…..Yes this Spree Dressdress.   This dress finally graced my mailbox this week.   I was so excited to see it….I tried it on and oh I am soo glad that I have a month until SPREE.   Yes 1 month  buys me some time.  The dress fits but it has an unfortunately placed flower that pops a little too much on my backside.   Sure Spanx and pantyhose will help but it’s time for me to be better about my diet and better about my exercise regimen.   So this week and the next 3 or 4 you’ll see less of this…..Butter, Garlic and Mushroom Pork Chops…. (by the way you need to make these…OMG they are amazing!) And more of this….Orange Citrus Chicken..(I haven’t made it yet….but a recipe created by a vegan that features chicken can’t be all bad…right?)  I will try to keep it interesting.  After all I have two kids at home who will boycott if I make too much chicken and too much “healthy stuff”.

I joined an online challenge group so I will keep you updated…Not the gory details, but definitely the good food.


This week we have a full week…. The kids are back to school.  We have 4 soccer games to enjoy and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Monday – Back to School Back to Soccer.  G’s team has a game against ICS.   It’s a home game so we get to have a beautiful view while we watch them play.  I am going to try and take my camera so I can get some shots of Gav in action.   We’ll be trying that above mentioned Orange Citrus Chicken.

Tuesday – Last day before the challenge starts.  I am going to make Honey Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli for dinner.

Wednesday – 17 day challenge begins.  Gav has a game in Wendover.   Unfortunately I will not be able to go because I don’t have anyone to cover me at work for the afternoon.   I am going to go home and make Balsamic Chicken and Tomatoes.  I will have it for dinner and enjoy the leftovers in my lunch for a few days.

Thursday – Day 2 We don’t have any games.  Lemon Pepper Salmon and Asparagus.

Friday – Kinda a full day.  I have an 8am meeting with the SPREE committee, and then work.   Gavin has a game in Murray against Mt. Vernon, Hannah has practice in Ogden and its Day 3.   Give me strength.  I am going to need it.   I am making Bang Bang Chicken Kabobs and a garden salad.

Saturday – Hannah’s game is so stinking early…I hope we don’t freeze.  I am going to make Mahi Mahi with a Citrus Romaine Salad.

Sunday – Baked Chicken  with Veggies…shh.  Don’t tell the kids.

Hopefully that flower will be looking smaller by the end of the week.   Have a great week y’all.



This post will be linked up with Org Junkies Menu Plan Monday Roundup.   Go here for even more options.  wwhttp://orgjunkie.com/category/menu-plan-monday


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