Whats for Dinner Week 12

Has it been 12 weeks of meal planning?  Wow time flies when you’re eating well.  We have another action packed week in store for the family and dinner waits for no woman.

This week is Holy Week, with the end of Lent just around the corner we are looking forward to Easter Sunday and Easter Blessings.   God Bless you all this week.   Good-Friday-Cross-2

Spring break starts for the kids on Thursday and report cards come home soon.  We are down to the last quarter of the year and I cannot believe that  4th and 9th grades are almost over.  Can someone stop the bus it’s going way too fast?

Monday – Gavin has a soccer game down in Herriman.   We’re going down to watch the Jayhawks play Providence Hall.  I don’t know much about these 2A schools we play, but I look forward to a great game.  We’ll just get something for dinner on our way home from the game.

Tuesday – I have a meeting with our SPREE Committee.   SPREE is our schools annual Spring Gala and auction.   Click here to learn more about our fundraising efforts.  SPREE-2016-Hot-Havana-Nights.    Here is a pic of my dress.  After the meeting I will be making this Taco Salad for dinner.

Wednesday – What we are all at home for dinner?   Cool.   Creamy Chicken Alfredo with Asparagus, and Sun-dried Tomatoes.

Holy Thursday – Jesus washed the feet of his Apostles. We will be at church for Holy Thursday services.  Jim will feed the kids Blue Box Mac and Cheese and I will have a sandwich later that night when I get home from Mass.


Good Friday – He sacrificed his life for our salvation.  Jim will feed the kids soup before Mass.   We will have some easy Campbell’s soup to make his life easier.  

Saturday – I really wanted to attend the Easter Vigil but the kids still want to attend Easter morning services.  I am going to make this delish looking Garlic Noodles with Shrimp and we will color eggs.

Sunday – Happy Easter.   Have a blessed Easter Sunday.   We’ll be enjoying a yummy Ham dinner and of course hard boiled eggs.

Have a great week.   For more great ideas for dinner there are loads of other bloggers who participate in Org Junkies MPM round up.   Check some out.  www.orgjunkie.com/category/menu-plan-monday


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