What’s for dinner…Week 11

What no week 10…. Here’s a funny fact.  Dead people don’t meal plan.  Though technically I wasn’t dead, there is little point in meal planning when my meals have consisted of honey lemon cough drops and alka seltzer cold medicine.   Oh and I have used enough Vicks Menthol Rub that my bed smells like a cough drop.

So Saturday I finally felt well enough to cook.  Sunday I took a stab at shopping.   Jim and I are in the market for a new washer and dryer.  We spent the day looking for the best deal.   I have some new LG’s on order but it will be a while before they arrive.  Until then we will listen to the banging from the basement and pray that the dryer will hold out long enough for the new ones to arrive.  Meal planning took a back seat this last week so I am recycling some of the recipes that we loved!

So here is the week….

Monday – I have a committee meeting  at the high school.   I purchased a spoon roast to put in the crockpot for emergencies.  Jim needs to prepare dinner for the kids while I am at the meeting.   This will do the trick.

Tuesday – Gavin and the Jays have a soccer game against Wendover at home.  I hope to see you all out at the beautiful soccer field.   Gav got a chance to start the last game, we’ll see if the trend continues.   Hopefully he knocked a bunch of rust off at the last game. Hannah has volleyball practice.  I am going to make this very good Chicken Parm again.   It is very good and the kids just loved it.  I didn’t change a thing on this recipe.

Wednesday – A quiet home evening.  The kids are wrapping up their quarter at school.  I am going to make this creamy Mushroom and Chicken soup for dinner.  It looks really yummy and every recipe I have tried from this site has been very good.  Check out her other posts.

Thursday – The Jayhawks have a road game vs Telos in Orem.   Jim and Hannah are going to enjoy some yummy blue box.(Mac and Cheese…his specialty)…I will drive down and see the boys play.  I may stop in and see my Momma too.  I could use some tea and sympathy!

Friday – Fish dinner.   We are in the home stretch for Lent.  Palm Sunday is coming soon and soon we will be celebrating Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.   Unfortunately meal planning suffered the last two weeks.   Fish sticks and tater tots.

Saturday – Hannah has her last Volleyball tournament of the year.   Sad to see it end.  She has loved this so much and her little team is so adorable.  What a great group of girlies.  I am going to make this delish Salisbury steak.  Last time I didn’t make it in the crockpot, I just made it on the stove top and it was so good.   This time it may go into the crockpot though as we’ll be watching Hannah bump set and spike.

Sunday- Palm Sunday.   Remember that the Passion is a sad story, but without the sadness we will truly never know the beauty and joyfulness of the redemption we receive because of His sacrifice.  I haven’t decided what I want to make yet.   Perhaps I will roast a chicken.
Have a great week.   For more great ideas for dinner there are loads of other bloggers who participate in Org Junkies MPM round up.   Check some out.   www.orgjunkie.com/category/menu-plan-monday


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