Results from the State Tourney….oh and I’ve been sick

So I have the plague.   Yeah sick as a dog.  I think I am on the mend now but it’s been a very long and painful week.   I wanted to write a post about the boys basketball tournament and how amazing the boys did.  I wanted to write a post about the yummy food we would have for the week.   I wanted to sleep through the night and not get up coughing like I have consumption.

I wanted so many things, but I have been so sick.

Results from the State Tournament.   So most know that we took 5th place.  Our only loss at the tournament was to the team that won it all.   It’s all about seeding…the team that beat us had a guy who was 6’7″ and they were very good.  If we had faced another team we could have placed even higher.   Our boys never quit.  They fought hard every game.  And I think most of all they had a great time.   It’s the farthest we’ve been in ages!

Last week I had visions of cooking up the few things I didn’t get to the week before because we went down to Richfield.   I had every intention to cook.  Jim ended up cooking two nights in a row and we went out the remainder of the week until yesterday when I finally felt up to making some french toast.

Oh it’s bad when the Momma gets sick.  Thankfully her hubby came through with flying colors.

Now onto a new sports season.   Soccer season starts for both kids soon.  Hannah is wrapping up the last of her volleyball season and starts soccer in April.   Gavin played his first High School Soccer game this week and it was a tough one.   I couldn’t hardly yell at him.  I had other parents offer to yell at him for me.  We played a super tough 3A team.  Our soccer team has 11 freshman on the squad.  We’re a young team and I can’t wait to see what we do in our own conference.



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