Week 7…or is it 8?

Last week really felt like two weeks.

Basketball season is starting to wind down as we head towards the State Tournament in March.   We are currently 1st in Region play.  We’ve only lost 3 games all season and only 1 is a region loss.    We will face big strong teams at State from down south.   Those farm kids are tough!!!

Three games, Gav was still feeling quite puny, but he had some great games at JV and a made a killer shot in the Friday Night Varsity game that was so spectacular that all of the boys on the bench stood up and cheered.  Its so great to see him smile so big when he has some success.

Like every week we have so much going on….I am hoping that your week is not so crazy.


Monday – It’s President’s Day.  The kids are out of school.  Both Jim and I have to work.  It’s been a bit dreary and I have been craving alfredo sauce.  I am going to make this yummy looking dish.  Sausage and Spinach Alfredo.

Tuesday – Around 8:00pm MissH will turn 10.  Double digits.  Can you believe it?  It seems like yesterday she was just a bitty little thing.  Now she’s so grown up.  Gav has a game against Duchesne (not pronounced Du-CHEZ-knee) and Han has volleyball practice.  We will go out for dinner to celebrate her special day.  Happy Birthday Hannah Bear!

Wednesday – The boys will be enjoying a Team dinner at the high school after practice.  Jim, H and I will be enjoying these Crock Pot Fajitas.

Thursday – Hey all of the Andersen’s will be home around dinner time.  Throw something in the crock pot and let’s eat at a reasonable hour.   Crock Pot Salisbury Steak. YUMMY!

IMAG0220Friday – Hannah and her Daddy are going to the Me and My Guy dance at the high school.  For her birthday, her daddy and I are giving her a new pretty dress to wear to the dance.   Gav has a rare Friday off from basketball so he can join his club soccer team for a late night Futsal game.  It will be good to see him show off his amaze Goalie skills.   He and I will have a meatless meal that is true comfort food.  White Cheddar Farfale with Peas and Carrots.

Saturday – Hannah has a Volleyball tournament and Gav is playing Basketball somewhere down south near the Utah/Nevada border.  I don’t know when they will be home and we’ll be out and about with volleyball.  We’ll probably just grab something on the way home.

Sunday  – The kids have altar service at church.  We’ll spend our day together again.  I will make this yummy looking Chicken with Bacon and Mustard Sauce.

I hope you all have a great week.

Check out the other meal plans on http://orgjunkie.com/category/menu-plan-monday



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