Slumber Party….yeah right.

Eight girlies.   They all talk at once.  They all giggle and sing and dance and created quite a stir at our house last night.    Hannah’s big 1-0 birtday is coming up and all she really wanted is a sleep over with her besties.


Jim and Gavin didn’t hesitate to bail out to have a Guys Night Out.   They were gone as soon as the first girly arrived.   Chickens.   They enjoyed a little Bufallo Wild Wings, and movies and came home around 12:30 but some of the girls were still going strong.

I had always heard that girls are all sugar and spice but really they are made of giggles, and songs and screechy goodness.  We did crafts, ate pizza, the girls played hide and go seek, a game called sardines and watched movies until the wee hours of the morning when I finally told them to go to sleep.


We awoke bright and early, ate pancakes and acted out the same scene from Annie, a bazillion times.   It was such a fun party for the girlies and Hannah has wonderful memories to hold on to…

Lucky for me I had a good friend to keep me company….



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