Week 6 – Ahhh a quiet week at home…..oh wait.

So what was to be a quiet week with more days at home than not…..turned into a wait a second let me catch my breath week again.    What the what.   We haven’t caught up from last week.


I wish I had remembered that is the start of Lent this week, when I was picking recipes.

Monday – Gav has late practice and I have a meeting with the Parents Group at the high school.   Hopefully I can get home soon enough to get this soup on before he is due home. Jim loves Bean with Bacon Soup so I hope this homemade version will satisfy his BWB craving.

Tuesday – Surprisingly we are all home around the same time so I am going to make this Golden Mushroom Chicken and Pasta dish.  A nice carby dish to carry us through to Ash Wednesday. Traditionally we have pancakes for dinner, but the kids are having them at school and we are having them later in the week.

IMAG0215Wednesday we start Lent.  What are you planning to give up?  I am putting it out here for all of you to read.  No sweets and treats for me for the next 40 days.  I also signed up to receive a daily meditation in my email to read.  Don’t forget to spend a little time this Lenten season strengthening your relationship with the Lord.   We will have grilled cheese and tomato soup (Clam Chowder for the kids) after Mass.

Thursday – Gav has a road game in Randolph.   I can’t help but hear “Randolph Scott” ala Blazing Saddles when I think of this little town in Northern Utah.    I don’t think we are going to venture to the frigid North this time…perhaps next year.  I will make these Pork Cutlets, and wait to hear about his adventures up north.

Friday – Gav has a home game, and normally we would enjoy a hot dog or burrito at the game, but we will get some Veggie Subs from Subway and cheer on the Jayhawks against Mt. Vernon.

pancakesSaturday we are hosting Hannah’s little friends for a PJ’s and Pancakes Party.  We will make pizza, decorate cookies, watch movies and get our girly-ness on.

Sunday – Valentines Day.   Find someone you love and tell them you do…love them.   I will make this delicious dinner.  Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto.


I hope your week is filled with good meals, good time spent with loved ones and pancakes…lots and lots of pancakes.  There are tons of other recipes and ideas for your week if you check out this site as well.  Meal Plan Monday c/o Organizing Junkie 





One thought on “Week 6 – Ahhh a quiet week at home…..oh wait.

  1. I enjoy quiet weeks, yet seem to find us going out and about too much. Then we get a quiet week and I remember why I like them so much. If you catch me during one of those weeks I am more likely to say “no” to whatever activity you are presenting to me at that time.

    Hope you were able to get all your recipes made and enjoyed. Here is to a quiet week … next week. 🙂

    P.S. Stopped by from OrgJunkie.


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