The Week that was…horendous.

IMG_20160203_203745I am sitting at my desk typing this.  Gav is laying down snuggled under a blanket under the weather.  We already visited the doctor this morning, because he is just soo droopy.  Lucky us it’s viral…and he is on the BRATS diet.  Or just a Brat I couldn’t remember.  Jim and Hannah are on the couch watching Gold Rush and the cat is curled up in a sunbeam in our room.  Nobody seems to have much energy.  I think this last week flat wore us out.   We were so busy.

This weeks highlights….err lowlights too.

A fabulous dinner on Monday.  I am telling you right now that you need to try this dinner. Try it now.  Please.  Chicken Parm…

Tuesday I forgot an ingredient in a recipe….oops I am so scattered.  It was a key ingredient too. Zupas to the rescue.  Jim took G to the doctor because he hyper-extended his knee in practice the night before and was in agony.

Wednesday we went home….to Wendover.   A lot of driving but it was really nice to see old friends, the old stomping ground, and the boys won on Varsity.  Gav was feeling better and had a great game.  I am super proud of him.

Thursday we had concessions at the girls game and Friday we watched the boys play against a Region Rival in a very raucous home game.  Gav had another good game on the JV squad.
Saturday we shopped with the masses so we could have a quiet Sunday at home and I told you how I started today…taking G to the clinic.   So I think we are all a little tired, happy but tired.




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