Week 5 – What’s for dinner…

Budget conscious, Family Friendly meals, that come together quickly are kinda hard to find sometimes.   I get tired of the same old same old.  This week I have 4 new recipes to try… Later this week I will review some of these I have made.  Most are really tasty but there were a few that I was like huh…..oh well.

I am always very cautious about recipes.  I like good food but I am nervous when things don’t seem to come together as I like them….And I have cooked enough in the last twenty years to know when something doesn’t seem right.

SO this week….

Monday – Hannah has girl scouts (Need any Cookies?) and Gav has late practice.  I am going to make some Chicken Parm and a nice garden salad.

Tuesday – I need something in the slow cooker for Jim to server the kids.   I am going to the Volunteer Appreciation evening at the kid’s school.  I hope the person I nominated wins the Raising the Standard award at the elementary.  I am on the committee for the award at the high school so I made my choice.  Everyone nominated are so deserving.  I am happy to be a part of this.   So in my slow cooker there will be some Enchilada Soup.

Wednesday- Jim and I head for back to our high school days and go to the Saint Joseph/Wendover High basketball.  Of course we will be cheering for our JAYHAWKS.  But it’s always nice to see old dear friends.  We will be eating on the road.

Thursday – Jim has concessions at the girls game and I am attending my works Vendor Exchange in the evening.   I will be there later to help Jim clean up.  I guess it’s a hot dog at the game kinda night.

Friday – Hoagies…a standby of our family.  Easy to pack.  Eat them anywhere and CHEAP!  Gav has a home game that should be a tough one!

Saturday – Jim’s been invited to play poker with the boys and I will make some of those yummy Heroin Wings for him to take.  The kids and I will have some yummy baked cod.

Super Bowl Sunday – Who are you rooting for….we don’t care.   We will be loving this baked Spaghetti and Meatballs while enjoying the game….er commercials.

I hope your team wins!

Have a great week Y’all!


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