Another Crazy Week….

We survived a crazy week only to follow it up with another even crazier week.  There is something every night this week.

This last week was homecoming.  We had two home games…both blow outs but the nice thing about blow outs is Gav gets some time in with the Varsity team.  He looked really good playing with the Varsity.   I am super proud of him.   He’s been super positive.

IMG_5743Hannah had a volleyball tournament.  Their little team, the youngest in the tournament, had some of the 13& 14 year old teams on the ropes.  We overheard a coach telling his team of girls all taller than me, it’s just for practice, they’ll get better…referring to our little gals as an opponent not to be respected.  The first game the big girls only won 25-23.   They were so used to walking over other teams.   Our girls may not be the best at serves, but they are super amazing at returns.   I am so proud of these gals….

IMG_20160131_192217Here is Gav and his lovely Homecoming Date, Paige.   These two are good friends and she is such a lovely young lady.   She plays volleyball and is so encouraging of Hannah in her volleyball endeavors.   Gav was a touch late because we had a flower incident and 8 inches of snow to negotiate..but I am glad these two had a nice dinner and dance.

This coming week though we have more basketball of course.  An away game in Wendover, a home game vs Tintic which will be a close tough game, a volunteer appreciation get together, a work thing and Jim’s playing poker…. Wow…what a crazy week.

Wish us all luck.



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