Week 4, Home Games, Homecoming etc

Here is a peek into the creative process.   Jim watched me snap this pic and wonder what the heck I was doing.   Why do I want to publish my messy desk?  Why not?

So this week is Jayweek at Gav’s school.   This is our homecoming.   They have theme days for dress up, Home Games for the basketball teams, and the big Homecoming Dance.   Gav asked a girl to the dance so he has that to look forward to.   I will post pics when (if) I get them.

Monday…Semi-quiet day at home. Gav has practice.  We get to have dinner as a family.  I saw these online and the thought of no dishes intrigued me.   I didn’t snap a pic of my kitchen for obvious reasons.  Lemon Chicken Foil Packs.

Tuesday – Less than Semi-quiet day at home.   Both kids have a practice.  I am going to make this Taco Soup to warm their bellies when they get home.

Wednesday – First Home Game of the Week.  We will pack some yummy hoagie sandwiches to eat, and watch the boys play.

Thursday – The Girls Basketball team will have their homecoming game vs Wendover (our hometown school from back in the day).  We will enjoy a nice dinner at Zupas!

Friday – Homecoming game for the boys, Hannah has volleyball and we are tailgating the game.  We will enjoy a hamburger with the Boosters and help serve them too.

Saturday – Hannah has volleyball in the afternoon, and Gav has the big dance.   I will throw some chicken in the crock pot and enjoy dinner after all of the running about.  I found this dinner and it looks very good.   Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken & Veggies.

Sunday …time to settle down.  Pot Roast anyone?  And a nice bottle of Red of course!


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