Sunday Sunday….

Happy Sunday y’all.  I love Sunday’s.  For the most part we get to spend the day together as a family.  All week long we are so busy we rarely have time to enjoy each other’s company, eat as a family, pray as a family.   We are going in separate directions, heading to different events, practices etc.

We start our Sunday with the Lord.   Sunday Mass at our church.   This Sunday we got to see our priest return from an extended illness.  It was good to see the man, who has baptized my kids, heard my confessions, and married my husband and I.   I didn’t realize how much I missed him until today.

The other nice thing about Sunday’s is we usually have lunch after church.   Today’s choice was the Village Inn.   Comfort food at it’s finest.  BigG and his dad watch sports videos and MissH enjoys her cocoa.

The other thing we do on Sunday’s is prepare for the coming week.   Meal planning, Grocery Shopping and taking care of errands, LAUNDRY.  Today I had to purchase Gav’s Homecoming Clothes.   His first Homecoming dance and he’s excited (Yeah it’s more me than him).  His date is wearing a gold dress and he needed to coordinate with her.   He looks pretty handsome in his black slacks, black tie and gold tie.  We also bought the corsage yesterday.

Enjoy your Sunday,



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