Week 3 – Do-Over from Last week…

I don’t want to talk about last week.  What a disaster.  I cooked twice the whole week.  Both things I made were absolutely fabulous.   The fish tacos turned out amazing.  I used Mexican Table Creme instead of sour cream.  They turned out so yummy.  And my Heroin Wings were really good too, except I ran out of the parm cheese mixture and had to improvise half of the wings.  They were both so yummy.  Make them.  Make them soon.  Don’t delay.  I will tell you if things don’t work out.

So this week is a redux.  We have more opportunity to enjoy yummy home cooked food.

Let’s do this:

Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day. – Nothing special.  Jim wants soup.  Chicken and Gnocchi Soup.

Tuesday – The craziness begins anew.    I am helping throw a lunch time baby shower for a co-worker, I have a late meeting.  Gav has practice and the basketball team is having a team dinner.   We’ll have Sloppy Joe’s and Gav can eat what’s left over when he get’s home.

Wednesday – The Jayhawks have an away game in Dugway.   Boy that’s kind of a long drive.  We’ll cheer from afar but not make the game.  Perhaps next time.  I am going to attempt the Honey Garlic Chicken from last week that we didn’t get to.

Thursday – Quiet night….one can only hope.  Salmon and Corn Chowder to warm our souls and bellies.

Friday – Gav has another road game in Springville.  Hannah has practice and Jim and I are splitting up duties for the night.  Jim will make his world famous blue box Daddy Mac, I will venture down and watch the boys play.

Mardi Gras MaskSaturday – What are you doing?  Jim and I will be celebrating an early Mardi Gras with the Saint Joseph Cathoic High School Boosters (Committee #1).  We are the vice-presidents this year and next year we will be the presidents.  We are raising money to support athletics at the high school.  We are serving yummy homemade soups, salads and Black Jack.  In the Ogden Area?  Come out and support the school.  $22.50 per person and its all you can eat/drink.  I am making knock-off Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup.   So yummy.

Sunday – Recovery.  Quiet day of reflection at church.  I think I will make a yummy London Broil and Rice Pilaf for dinner.

But just as last week I will post this disclaimer….All best laid plans are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.



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