Nailing Jello…

So last week, I wrote a post about how planning meals for my busy family is like nailing Jello to a wall.  It can be done but it’s not an easy task, and the result is often a jiggly mess on the floor.  So this last week has left me, the jiggly mass on the floor.

Lets start with basketball game that wasn’t….Late Sunday we received a notice that Hannah had a game on Monday.  I have a meeting at the high school (Committee #1), Gavin has practice at the high school and Hannah’s game is in SLC at 5pm.   Jim was asked to coach because the regular coach had a commitment to the other girls team, and Jim was asked to be the ride to some of the girls.  There was so much confusion, poor Jim’s text was going crazy most of the night.   With all of the confusion we ended up forfeiting because we didn’t have enough girls.  Luckily the other team agreed to scrimmage so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.  Jim and Hannah were bummed.  My meal plan for the week was already on the skids.

Then Hannah gets ill at school, Jim catches it and the remainder of the week was spent taking care of my little sickie.   So guess I guess the rest of the week was blown to smithereens.   Basically we spent the next three nights juggling responsibilities.   I didn’t feel comfortable serving food at the game because of how communicable MissH was.  I didn’t want to be know as Typhoid Sam.

So come Saturday, Jim and I needed our Mixed Drink Cocktail Party.   It was so nice to get away for an evening and enjoy grown-up time.   We sampled many new drinks, mixed by the most amazing bartender.  I think I had the most interesting Bloody Mary ever.  So yummy and many of the drinks featured Ogden’s Own Distillery 5 Wives Vodka, Underground and Porters Cinnamon Whiskey.   Amazing drinks, kinda worth the little head ache I woke up with.   Jim and I learned that we need to upgrade our bar with some nice bling so we can mix up all of the good stuff we tried.


Sports  Report

Boys Basketball v Mt. Vernon – JV Win and Varsity Win

Boys Basketball v Intermount Christian School – JV win and Varsity Win.   GO JAYHAWKS





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