Week Two: Meal Planning is like…

Nailing Jello to the wall. (Click the picture….it can be done)Orange jelly nailed to the wall

It’s messy, a process, like hitting a moving target.  Every week I start out with every intention not to deviate from the plan, but then life happens and you’re eating Taco Time.

Here is  a peak at the process…

I keep a planner where I write down our crap for the week.  It’s a bunch of crap.  Meetings, practices, obligations, games etc.   I try and determine what nights are cooking nights and what nights we are eating sandwiches.  I try to keep our budget happy.  We cannot eat lobster this week, but maybe we can have faux crab.  Oh crap I have a meeting and Jim needs to play chef…box macaroni and cheese.  Like I said it’s a bunch of crap.  Lastly I check about 27 websites for recipe ideas.   I love all the wonderful foodie bloggers that are out there in the world.  27 websites is quite the rabbit hole to find yourself spiraling down.  Lucky for me I discovered Yummly.  It’s an app and website that has tons of great recipes you can yum(thumb up) and everything is in a convenient app that you can sort by cooking method, ingredient, etc.   This weeks plan is ala Yummly.

Monday – I have a meeting at the high school.  I need to have something fairly simple for Jim to put together for dinner so when I get home with Big G we can eat.   I do the heavy lifting in the morning and get this yummy into the slow cooker and Jim can make the rice.  Honey Garlic Chicken Slow Cooker 

Tuesday –  A quiet night at home, we need a light easy meal.  Fast Fish Tacos

Wednesday – Road game = Road food.  See why I needed a light meal the evening before…

Thursday – Jim and I have to work the concession stand at the girls game.  Hot Dogs for all (who pay).

Friday -Big G has a home game.   It’s a late one too.  Yummy burrito at the game

Saturday – Date Night.  We are going to a cocktail party where we are learning to make mixed adult beverages from a fancy bartender.  We’ve been asked to bring a snack.  With a name like Heroin Wings , what can go wrong.  I will buy some hummus and goats cheese just in case!!!!

Sunday – Sunday dinner.  My kids love pasta dinners on Sunday and I love the leftovers that we may or may not have.   Parmesan Chicken CasseroleParmesan Chicken Casserole and Pasta




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