Bleacher Bottom

It’s a real affliction.  I know quite a few that suffer in silence, others that have those fancy bleacher seats, and those of us who complain a bunch.

So two years ago, atop Willard Peak on a warm summer’s day. I slipped on some ice and broke my butt.   I had a black heart bruise on my bottom that lasted for weeks.  The bruise has faded but still I ache.  What’s a sports mama to do?

Baseball season…Bleachers.  Basketball seasons…bleachers.  Volleyball….bleachers.  My only reprieve is soccer which we pack our own chairs.  I have Bleacher Bottom.    I pack a blanket to sit on to offer a little padding.   It helps but alas, not even the padding will help a four hour volleyball-a-thon or a JV/Varsity Basketball game.

folded blanket

This week in sports….Gav played against Tintic, while Han played Roland Hall.   Han’s team lost but had great spirit, the JV team lost but our Varsity boys won.   Gav’s Friday games were cancelled.  I guess the other team’s bus was involved in an accident and Thank God none of the boys were injured.  IMAG0140

Han’s Saturday Volleyball tournament went well.  Her team is the youngest group of the U12 teams for our club.   They have girls as young as 8 on the team.   They played with such heart and they are getting so much better every week.   Our lil’ gals were trying so hard, everyone of them trying to make their overhead serves.  It was nice to see them working so hard.   We had some real moments of greatness.  Han’s returns are getting so good.   I am so glad we found this club team.  I have never seen her happier playing a sport.  I am happy to sit in agony on those hard bleachers if I get to see this cutie pie play.



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