What’s For Dinner?

One feature from my old blog that some loved and others may not have was my weekly menu plan.   I love food.  I mentioned I am a chubby chick.  I love to cook.  Time and lack of patience are my enemy.   So with the new year and resolutions to be made one should be to cook better meals for my fam.  I am not one of those super creative kitchen types that can throw something together from a can of tuna, heavy cream and some funky looking fungi in the crisper.  I may be more inclined to open a bag of lettuce, pour ranch over it and say Voila!  Also if I have all of my recipe’s linked in one place I can easily remember where to go.

So here is the week in review….IMAG0175_1

Scared yet?

Note that BigG has basketball practice every day except the days he has games….that is not listed here.

Monday – Leftovers… Much to my kids delight we get to rehash the weekends bounty of soups.   Roasted Tomato Garlic and Bean and Ham Soup.

Tuesday – Beef Stroganoff Soup and a garden salad.  This looks like an amazing easy slow cooker winner dinner.

Wednesday – BigG has a game in Eureka, UT.  Han has a basketball game versus Roland Hall.  Wish our Little Jayhawk and our Big Jayhawk Luck! (last minute change ….I might have to keep my calendar in pencil)  We’ll enjoy a  quick under 30 minute dinner.  Shrimp Tortellini Toss and a nice salad.

Thursday – BigG has early practice.  Herb Chicken with Lemon Sauce served over rice.

Friday – Home game vs West Desert.  JV starts at 4:30, MissH has volleyball practice and we’ll enjoy some yummy hotdogs at the game.  Go Jayhawks.

At the line…

Saturday – MissH has a volleyball tournament so we will be taking hoagie sandwiches to the game to snack on as she plays.

Sunday- Well I rarely plan Sunday.  Sorry I don’t have a plan.  Suggestions anyone?


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