Welcome Back Girly.

Welcome Back Girly.  That’s what I want to say to myself.  A few years ago I had a blog.  It was supposed to be one of those cute mommy blogs.  Stuff about my kids, my fam and my pictures.  Then I discovered foodie blogs.  Yummy stuff and I am a chubby chick.  I love food.  I love to cook; I love it all.  Then my busy little fan got crazy busy.  My blog sat lonely waiting for me to post about football, basketball, soccer, dinner church etc.  I would post a little here and a little there.  So I abandoned my blog, it was a bummer day and I cried a little.  I tried tumbler, because I wanted my pictures out there.  I farted around with it.  Instagram too.  Wandering without direction in a social media wasteland.  I have a story I want to tell…the blog is the best way to get it out there.

The cast of characters hasn’t changed.  They are a little older, a lot taller and my favorite peeps in the world.





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